Picture this: you open an account at an online casino and are given the option to accept a bonus. This is tempting, of course. After all, you will receive more play money than you have deposited / will be depositing. Yet in this context the saying ‘the sun rises for nothing’ almost always applies. There are almost always conditions attached to accepting a bonus.

At This website  we have noticed that bonus conditions often lead to misunderstanding and frustration among players. We therefore think it is important to create more clarity. We enlisted the help of some Legal Solutions (legal company with a focus on the gaming market). In this article we will inform you about online casino bonuses, applicable conditions and tips in this regard!

When do you get an online casino bonus?

Online casinos award bonuses in different situations. For example, you can assume that you will receive a bonus when opening an account. Think of a 100% deposit bonus when opening an account. Online casinos also value returning players, of course. As a starting player, for example, you often still claim a deposit bonus with the second and third deposit. Online casinos will also occasionally offer bonuses (or free spins, where the winnings are converted into bonus money) to (temporarily) inactive players. In this way the players may be motivated to take another chance. And are you a very active player? Then you will probably receive one bonus offer after another. After all, an online casino likes to keep regular players happy.

Is accepting an online casino bonus always a good idea?

Again, when answering this question, we refer to the saying ‘the sun rises for nothing’. Always keep in mind that an online casino has good reasons for granting a bonus. At first glance it may seem like an attractive offer, but there are always conditions attached to it. So it is extremely important to fully understand the bonus offered:

  • Why are you receiving the bonus?
    • You can rest assured that an online casino is not giving the money away for free. It is good to understand this as a player.
  • What bonus conditions apply when accepting?
    • Are these terms acceptable to you?
  • What are the consequences of accepting a casino bonus?
    • Can you, for example, have your investment paid out again with an active bonus?

Answering these questions is not always easy. We therefore give you a hand!