Bet some money on red at the roulette table at the bus stop or take a bet on the popular Starburst slot machine along the way. More and more gamblers are finding their way to the mobile casino vic996. Mobile gambling is gaining popularity because it can be done anywhere, anytime. It makes the dull moments when you have to wait somewhere a bit more exciting. It can just happen that during a train ride you become a millionaire (or lose a complete monthly salary). However, a casino is slightly different on mobile than on a desktop. It is therefore important to know which casinos are mobile-friendly. Top-Casino has sorted this out for you!

How does a mobile casino work?

A casino is not exactly the same mobile as it is on a desktop. After all, you miss a mouse and the screen of a mobile device is a lot smaller. Despite these differences, the most important functions and possibilities are still at your disposal. In a mobile casino you can deposit and withdraw money, receive bonuses and play a variety of games. Many casinos have built a mobile version of their website so that you can easily visit the website of the casino via your smartphone or tablet. You will then automatically be presented with a mobile-friendly website where the design is adapted to your screen.

Mobile-first casinos

Not only web designers are concerned with so-called mobile-first design. A number of casinos have also focused on this. They have developed their online environment in such a way that it functions optimally on mobile. The desktop version of the online casino is in second place. The desktop version is only considered once the mobile design works perfectly.

Play casino games on your mobile or tablet

On a mobile device such as your smartphone or tablet, the range of casino games is somewhat smaller than you may be used to on a desktop. How did that happen? Game providers must first make their games suitable for a mobile device. They have to develop so-called ‘touch versions’ of table games and video slots due to the smaller screen and the lack of a mouse. The term ‘touch’ was coined by the Swedish software developer Netent, but is now used universally. Nowadays game providers such as Microgaming and Netent make all their games suitable for desktop and mobile. Anyone who likes to play old classics on their smartphone does not have to give up. The most popular slots such as Starburst and Mega Fortune have been converted to ‘touch versions’ so that you can play them anywhere.

The design, features and functionalities of a gambling game broadly correspond to the desktop version. You can often determine your bet and read the rules via a hamburger menu. For an optimal user experience, you will have to run your smartphone in landscape mode. The mobile versions of the casinos often do not require a separate account. So if you are already a member of an online casino, you can also play in the mobile casino with the same login details.

Gambling apps

A number of casinos have developed a  mobile app  . This way you enter the online casino with one push of a button. Because it is not allowed in the Netherlands to offer online games of chance, you will not find any apps from large casinos such as Mr. Green or LeoVegas. It is expected that if remote games of chance are legal in the Netherlands (probably mid-2021), the number of gambling apps will take off.

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