Suppose; you have your eye on a casino blackjack online malaysia where you can go for your favorite games. Is it better to download the app (if available) or open the mobile website via your browser? Top-Casino lists the main differences between the two options for you so that you can make an informed choice.

Storage area

A gambling app takes up storage space on your smartphone. This does not have to be a problem if your phone has sufficient storage space. If the storage space of your smartphone is on the scant side, you might be better off using the mobile website of the online casino. The website simply opens in your internet browser, you don’t have to download anything to play.

Speed ​​and usability

In general, an app is a bit faster and more user-friendly than a mobile gambling website. When opening a mobile casino website, the data must be loaded first. So you have to be patient for a few seconds before you can get started. An app hardly needs to load, which improves the speed. An app is also usually perceived as more user-friendly. This is because the app can be specifically tailored to the functionalities, buttons and options of the device.

Extra note : the convenience of a gambling app can also be a disadvantage for players who are addiction sensitive. You may be more likely to ‘play a gambling game’ with an app on your phone than if you have to open a web browser.


An app can use the camera, GPS, microphone, notifications and other functionalities of the device. In our view, the push notifications can be particularly interesting. For example, you could receive notifications of new bonuses (deposit bonus, free spins) or developments of the jackpot positions. These functionalities are not available within a mobile website.

What are the best mobile casinos?

Do you prefer to play slot machines or table games on your phone than on your computer? Then of course you want to know what the best mobile casinos are for the most optimal player experience. Top-Casino has done research and came up with the following online casinos:


Cashmio Casino is built mobile-first. This makes the gambling website on mobile tiptop in order. The mobile-first design can also be seen in the desktop version. The Cashmio website only has centered elements on a computer and is therefore not adapted to the full width of the screen. However, this is not an issue for mobile players. The Cashmio Casino mobile website is very intuitive. You will always find what you are looking for within one click. Via the (hamburger) menu at the bottom of the screen you can view the range of games, as well as current promotions, customer service and matters such as privacy / cookie policy. The live chat is available from any page on the website so you can turn to help at any time without leaving your game.

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